would you walk over 7 miles to read a book? (AYWO’s book donation part 2)

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Children from Gbulahagu Junior high school(JHS) , a school situated in  the Tolon District,  walk a long distance to have access to  a reading facility in Tamale. They do not care about the dangers involved, or even if they do they are prepared to risk these dangers of walking in this season’s hot temperature and  dusty road.

Based on our recent visit to the school to assess the real situation on the ground we decided to go back and donate some books when IHAV’s foundation made us a joint partner for their pieces of peace initiative last year 2014.  

On the 30th of January 2015, AYWO represented by Portia Dery and Kofi Larbi and the Tamale regional Library represented by the Head Mr. Aaron Kuwornu and his assistants  Madam Tina and Mr. Martin;  we loaded a car full of books and drinks . 

car full of books

We started our journey exactly 11:00am from Tamale to Gbulahagu . On  arrival , the children stormed out to meet us in excitement and joy. After pleasantries were exchanged with the head of the school and his teachers. We got down to business!!! We displayed beautiful reading books on a table which brought tears to the eyes of the children. We also had a brief interaction in a form of mentoring session with the kids were we encouraged them to read and taught them on the importance .

At the end of the mentoring session we donated 165 exercise books to Gbulahagu JHS students (each child  got one!!), 300 story books  to the school’s library and 50 text books for pupils in the lower primary. We then had fun sharing a HUGE  ice-chest filled with red sparking sobolo drink  with the kids!!!

sobolo 1

a refreshing sobolo drink!!!


sparking red sobolo made by Tibiru Leonard

The headteacher expressed gratitude towards the gesture and promised to take good care of the books. some of the children also expressed their appreciation by promising to use the books every day.

18 books (2)

18 books before!


headteacher of school

So from  just 18 story books only in a small library cupboard Gabuhagu can now boast of over 300 beautiful story books!!!

This could only be made possible by our generous donors and funders namely; Mash Cudjoe who was the first  to donate  books, Tibiru Leonard, who made our sobolo for free, Kofi Larbi, who braved odd circumstances and did the magic for us, the Head and staff of the Tamale library who offered us free transportation and have been our strong backbone .

We wish to specially thank CAMFED GHANA for supporting us with CAMFED branded exercise books and Pastor Francis Opoku ;the Missionary Director of Action Child Mobilization Ghana-an NGO based in Bolga for donated boxes full of 200 beautiful story books(they came to our aim at the right time when we had virtually no books to donate!) We also thank Christabel Ofori and IHAV foundation for giving us an awesome opportunity to partner with them.

My God richly  bless you all.

# Guess what?   Gbulahagu JHS was featured on JOY NEWS!! And this was due to AWO’S passion to see a book in the hands of every child no matter where they are!!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=2LZjXsQBy2Y

display of books

display of some books donated by Action Child Mobilization-Ghana

camfed bks

kids displaying CAMFED GHANA branded books


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